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  • Time of use

    This professional service provides solutions to larger users of electricity where complex "Time of Use" contracts are reviewed and re-negotiated. We provide in-depth analysis with a highest level of accuracy to ensure risk is mitigated over the term of the contract.

  • Non time of use

    An in-depth site by site analysis – we analyse your electricity profile and negotiate the "best-fit" rate from an extensive range of power companies. We utilise our specialised analytical tools, market knowledge and a fully independent tendering process.

Our customers say

  • The New Zealand Automobile Association has been utilising the services of Saveawatt for over two years.

    The Association has a large number of sites throughout New Zealand and managing the various energy providers and the associated costs was a very complicated process. However, since appointing Saveawatt the process has been simplified and we are able to make more informed decisions about our energy requirements.

    Saveawatt have assisted us with contract procurement, re metering, billing issues, site relocation and cost reduction through their specialised services and strategic industry relationships. We have achieved significant savings during the initial review but also during the ongoing monitoring process (BillMINDER).

    We are happy with the services provided by Saveawatt.


  • At Apparelmaster Christchurch we were approached by Saveawatt to complete an analyses of our power consumption to make sure we were not spending more than we we needed to. As Saveawatt charges as based on splitting a small portion of any savings achieved there was no risk or upfront cost in us undertaking the review.

    We are very satisfied with the outcome with Saveawatt achieving an 18% reduction in our electricity costs. Saveawatt managed the whole process and delivered the savings with minimal input from our perspective and clearly explained how the savings were achieved.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Saveawatt to anyone that is considering using their services.


  • Quality Hotel Parnell has enlisted "Saveawatt's" energy procurement services to negotiate three supply contracts over the past four years.

    Saveawatt has achieved great results on our electricity contracts and it recently delivered a 13% annual savings on our current gas supply agreement.

    Saveawatt are good to work with, their analyses and reporting is straightforward and easy to understand and their services make the whole process hassle free.

    I highly recommend Saveawatt to help reduce your hotel’s energy costs.

    Quality Hotel Parnell Limited

  • After analysing and tendering our varying energy consumption over a large number of sites throughout New Zealand, Saveawatt negotiated new supply contracts resulting in impressive savings across the board.

    Not only did they help us drive down costs but also assisted with a myriad of electricity related matters including, meter downgrades, new connections, terminations and meter location.

    R&R Sport

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