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How is Frank so clever?

  1. Super Speedy Setup

    Frank remembers what you tell him, so you never answer the same question twice. He'll analyse your usage and can even set up payment authorities for you.

  2. So Smart

    Frank gets to know you and stores your information securely in your own personal cloud. He'll use it to provide you with a fast and personalised service but will never share that information without your permission.

  3. Big Savings

    Frank never rests and always works for you. Every 6 months or at the end of your contract period, he'll search for a better deal and he will seamlessly switch you across to it.

    Watt do you say? Let’s get started!

  • Revolutionary technology

    Saveawatt utilises MyWave's revolutionary digital technology to completely re-invent the customer experience. Frank speeds up and simplifies the process of finding you a better deal.

  • Energy smarts

    Behind Frank sits the expertise of Saveawatt. Our years of energy market experience ensures you get the most appropriate offering in the market based on your household's power usage.

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