• What happens after I sign up to Saveawatt

    After signing up and verifying your email, we'll email your retailer asking for your usage information so we can get a better understanding of the plans which suit you. After that, we'll start crunching numbers and comparing your energy habits with the plans we have available for you

  • Are all customers supported

    Currently we're working with residential customers on Anytime, Anytime Controlled, Inclusive and time specific plans.

  • I'm in an embedded network, does SAW work for me?

    Unfortunately, Saveawatt is not working with embedded networks as we are unable to switch you without completing a meter exchange.

  • Do I get to see the plan before you switch me ?

    Of course! We will provide you with the details of the plan that we have found for you. Proceeding with this plan is up to you. But, why wouldn't you if you're saving money?

  • Who is Frank?

    Frank is the latest and greatest in personal assistant technology. His goal in life is to save you time and money. Frank works with Saveawatt to switch you to a better energy plan.

  • How do I cancel my service?

    Please email support@saveawatt.co.nz and we'll cancel the Saveawatt service for you

  • How does Saveawatt make money

    Savewatt is free to customers to use. When we switch you to a new Retailer or your current retailer offers you a better plan through the saveawatt service, we charge them a fee.

  • Does Saveawatt look at all Retailers, or a selected few.

    Saveawatt looks across all Energy Retailer who operate in your region. We have an automated process which uses your data to search for a better plan for you, no matter who the Retailer is.

  • Do I intereact with Saveawatt or my power provider after I sign up?

    Saveawatt finds you a better plan. You will still be the customer of the retailer that we find for you and interaction to work through your account will come from them.

  • How long will the process take to switch?

    When Saveawatt finds a better plan for you, we start the sign up process with the new retailer. This may take up to 10 business days.

  • I'm a business customer, can I use Saveawatt?

    The Saveawatt app is for residential use only. For commercial arrangements contact the Saveawatt commercial team

  • I live in Auckland, will I still receive my rebate?

    Yes. Your rebate is based on your network, which will not change with Saveawatt.

  • Does saveawatt work for medically dependent households?

    We can let a retailer know that you are medically dependent. You may be contacted by your new retailer to prove your dependency.

  • Can I use saveawatt if I'm not an account holder?

    Unfortunately you must be the existing account holder to use the Saveawatt service.

  • How often can I switch?

    After your first switch, we'll wait at least 6 months before we will check again. Based on the type of contract you switch to, you may be switched less frequently

  • Will a credit check occur?

    Some Energy Retailers will perform a credit check as part of your switch. However Saveawatt does not

  • I'm a low user. Does Saveawatt still work for me?

    Yes, we work for both low users and standard users. Regardless of how much electricity you use, you may still be paying more than you need to for your power. Saveawatt checks more than just kWh rates

  • What do you do with my data?

    We don't pass on your data to anyone without your permission, and then it's only for the purpose of finding you a better power plan. This is held in our privacy policy too.

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