1. Download the Saveawatt App

    Available on both iOS and Google play, the Saveawatt app gives you direct access to Frank and all the wonders he will do for your power savings

  2. You supply your last bill

    Take a photo of your last bill on your phone and it will immediately be stored for Frank to assess. 
Nice and easy!

  3. Frank searches for a better deal

    Using some of his flashy skills, Frank takes the data you have supplied and finds you a better deal.

  4. You approve, and Frank switches

    When Frank finds a better deal for you, he will check you are happy with the proposed power plan and then seamlessly transfer you over. Easy!

  5. Frank continues to search

    Now that you are making savings Frank doesn’t just sit back and relax. When the time is right, he will search again to see if there is a better deal for you. If he finds one, he lets you know and hey presto! you are able to make further savings!

I love it! Download the app & get started

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