National Energy Tender: How it Works

If you find that your organisation’s monthly energy spend exceeds $1,500, it’s good news.

It’s good news because it means there’s potential for significant savings through Saveawatt’s National Energy Tender.

Through our in-depth four-week process, we will identify areas of savings, help reduce your carbon footprint, negotiate a new lower energy rate, and get you switched over to a new power company.

The first step starts with commitment, specifically yours. Commitment to reducing costs, commitment to lowering your carbon footprint where possible, and your overall commitment to saving your business money.

The next step is to engage with one of the experts at Saveawatt. Since we began in 2009, our team has helped thousands of New Zealand businesses save millions of dollars, and we continue to remain dedicated to helping our customers reduce their costs.

After you’ve engaged with one of our consultants, you will complete our National Energy Tender registration form and submit a copy of your most recent energy bill (electricity or gas), including your ICP number, your rates, prompt payment discounts, and any other information we might require in order for us to understand your current position.

Bulk tender process
Once we’ve received all the necessary paperwork, we can get to work on saving you money. We will obtain 12 months of consumption data directly from your power or gas company and start developing your ‘energy user profile’.

Your energy user profile, or energy consumption profile, illustrates how much energy your business uses at different points of the day, week, and month of the year. From there, we can identify areas of energy wastage, energy usage patterns and determine what further savings we can help you achieve. We will also analyse your meter to ensure you are purchasing your electricity in the most cost effective way for your specific energy needs.

Even if your business doesn’t have a full 12 months of consumption history, we can still build this profile using our in-house data sets from a wide range of industries, combined with information gained from your electrical equipment on site.

With your profile created, we can then put your volume out to market in our specialised tender process. Your current power company will be aware that you’ve joined the National Energy Tender and we give them the opportunity to retain your business.

Up to 20 power companies fight to win your business. From there, offers will come flying in. Our experts will carefully analyse and compare each offer to determine the best solution for your business. Along with this, and using our leveraged buying position, we will negotiate with power companies to get the lowest possible rates, the highest prompt payment discounts and the best terms and conditions.

Tender report presentation
Our 4 stage process takes one month including final negotiations around rates and terms & conditions.

You will be presented with a detailed report which outlines the savings Saveawatt has negotiated for you. While there are various factors that can affect these results, savings generally range from 15% to 25% on the energy portion of your rates.

These savings are guaranteed for 12 months if you maintain similar energy consumption to the previous year. On the off chance the savings aren’t achieved we will refund a portion of your fee accordingly.

However, your savings won’t stop there. Included in our presentation will be the further savings you can achieve through our free solar installations (for qualifying businesses) This process works over and above our negotiations with power companies, so you will be benefiting from even more savings, all at no capital cost.

Our detailed proposal will outline the array of sizes, your building(s) capacity for panels, and the low-price power rates for power directly off your roof.

This move towards sustainable energy production will reduce your carbon footprint and put your business in an ideal position for when carbon tax gets introduced here in New Zealand.

Making the switch
With your newly negotiated rate, the final stage will be to sign a fixed energy price agreement with the winning power company. Optimum pricing is normally achieved through 24 to 36-month terms.

Saveawatt will manage all the behind-the-scenes work and oversee the switch to your energy retailer.

Additionally, you can choose to utilise our AI powered utility bill management platform, BillMinder. Suitable for a range of businesses, BillMinder automates your utility bill management and monthly reconciliation. Using sophisticated technology, each bill is measured against your meter data and power contract to validate its accuracy.

Our team of professionals will also supply and install your new solar panels at no cost. There is often a misconception that solar panels will inflict damage to properties. However, the solar panels actually add value to the building, and through careful installation processes, will not cause any damage.

If you’ve chosen a solar installation and everything is signed off and installed, you will receive two separate monthly bills — one from your new power company and another from the solar supply.

Our fee is 25% of your savings, which can be paid monthly via direct debit, straight from your savings.

If you’re looking to reduce your costs and make a meaningful impact on our environment, get in touch with one of our experts.

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