savings across
New Zealand businesses

Science and Lab Testing

$ 161,000 Savings over 36 months
  • 12% Savings
  • Location - Nelson
  • Energy Type - Electricity

Trucking and Distribution

$ 134,000 Savings over 36 months
  • $99k on electricity & $35k on Gas
  • Location - Nationwide
  • Energy Type - Electricity And Gas


$ 43,989 Savings over 36 months
  • 45% Savings
  • Location - Christchurch
  • Energy Type - Electricity | Meter Downgrade


$ 208,000 Savings over 36 months
  • 18% Savings
  • Location - West Coast
  • Energy Type - Electricity


$ 98,000 Savings over 36 months
  • 20% Savings
  • Location - Nationwide
  • Energy Type - Electricity and Gas


$ 10,987 Savings over 36 months
  • 23% Savings
  • Location - Canterbury
  • Energy Type - Electricity

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Science And Lab Testing

$161,000 Savings Over 36 months
  • 12% Savings
  • Location - Nelson
  • Energy Type - Electricity


$43,989 Savings Over 36 months
  • 45% Savings
  • Location - Christchurch
  • Energy Type - Electricity | Meter Downgrade

Trucking and Distribution

$134,000 Savings Over 36 months
  • $99k on electricity & $35k on Gas
  • Location - Nationwide
  • Energy Type - Electricity And Gas


$208,000 Savings Over 36 months
  • 18% Savings
  • Location - West Coast
  • Energy Type - Electricity


$98,000 Savings Over 36 months
  • 20% Savings
  • Location - Nationwide
  • Energy Type - Electricity and Gas


$10,987 Savings Over 36 months
  • 23% Savings
  • Location - Canterbury
  • Energy Type - Electricity

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonials from some of our awesome customers!

“The New Zealand Automobile Association has been utilising Saveawatt’s services since 2010. Saveawatt’s energy analysts have assisted us with contract procurement, re metering, site relocation, billing issues and cost reduction through their specialised services and strategic industry relationships. 

Chris Robinson

National Property Manager

”Caffe L’affare first engaged Saveawatt in 2012 to reduce electricity costs
throughout our multi-site operation. We have used their services for contract
renewal on an ongoing basis and more recently Saveawatt procured our new
gas supply agreements. Saveawatt’s bulk tender process achieved over
$26,000 reduction in our gas costs.
Saveawatt has always delivered on their promises and I have no hesitation in
recommending them to other businesses.”

Wayne Mitchell

Financial Controller

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand operates as a collective voice for the
brewing industry. Recently we engaged Saveawatt to run a bulk tender on
electricity and gas for our members. Saveawatt’s communication, technology
platform and industry knowledge meant the process was efficient and
delivered excellent results. If your association has members with high
electricity or gas consumption i recommend speaking with Saveawatt about
driving down costs.

Cathrine van Venrooy

Executive Officer

Operating christchurch’s leading tourist attraction comes with its challengers.
The christchurch gondola runs 364 days per year and along with that comes
significant electricity costs.
Since 2014 saveawatt has negotiated a number of contracts for the
christchurch gondola. The whole process is simple and their no savings/no fee
offering means we are only charged if they save us money.
I recommend talking to saveawatt to discuss your energy options.

Michael esposito

Managing director

“Three Boys Brewery was approached by saveawatt as part of the brewers
guild bulk tender. At first i was a bit dubious of the offering but after a site
meeting with Saveawatt i decided to give it a go.
When the tender results came back I was pretty impressed. Electricity savings
of $10,000 which I could put straight back into producing the finest quality beer
with the finest possible taste. Saveawatt was open minded, easy to work with
and delivered on their promises”

Ralph Bungard


As New Zealand’s leader in imported mediterranean foods, delmaine
has added manufactured fresh products to its range of imported foods,
requiring two specialised production facilities – which has increased
electricity use considerably.
Delmaine first became customers of Saveawatt in 2011, and since then
saveawatt have negotiated 5 energy supply agreements on our behalf; their
latest tender process saved us $36,092, in electricity costs. It’s well worth a
call to the experts at Saveawatt to explore what opportunities exist to save
on your electricity costs.”


“Nothing to lose and potentially plenty to gain – that’s what we thought when
we were approached by saveawatt. As a family business, seeing that we will
save over $10,000 – 21.7% – In electricity costs over three years means a great
deal; it means we can stay profitable and continue to employ and support our
employees. The saveawatt team was extremely easy to work with , and helpful
every step of the way. With potential savings to be made, using saveawatt
really is a no-brainer.”

Allan Scott

Saveawatt has been managing our electricity procurement since 2011 and has
negotiated 4 contracts during that time.
Their level of service, industry expertise and all round professionalism gives us
confidence we are never paying more than we need to for energy.
As New Zealands’ largest independent print partner with rapid year on year
growth keeping our electricity costs in check is a high priority. Saveawatt has
been instrumental in doing that and i highly recommend them to any other
energy intensive businesses.

Ross Mains

Financial Controller / Co-Owner

“For a privately-owned company, maximising the value of every dollar counts
– and with saveawatt, dairyworks ltd will save $31,147 over three years, around
13.9% Of its total electricity bill. Saveawatt was attentive and genuinely wanted
to get a good deal for our company. We would definitely recommend
Saveawatt to other businesses – it’s a straightforward process and they do
it all behind the scenes.”

Kieran Hayes

Commercial Manager Dairyworks Ltd

The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch recently enlisted the services of
Saveawatt, an energy brokerage and consultancy business to negotiate a
cheaper electricity contract for us.
Saveawatt’s strategic business relationships with all energy retailers
nationwide coupled with their bulk tender process saved us a significant 19.8%
on our energy costs. This exceeded our expectations.
Saveawatt’s professional service meant that we didn’t have to worry about any
aspects of the process, providing us with a detailed analysis at the end.
I would highly recommend Saveawatt to help reduce your energy expenditure,
saving valuable time and money

Andy Doherty

Diocesan General Manager

“After hearing about Saveawatt through the Choice Hotels conference I was
interested to know what they could do for us.
Saveawatt put our energy consumption out to market in their bulk tender
process and leveraged great savings for our business. $28,000 on electricity
and a further $8,000 on gas.
Saveawatt are easy to deal with and the analysts know their stuff. I would
certainly recommend speaking with them if you want to make real savings.”

Ken Linstead– General Manager

Econolodge City Central Hotel

“Saveawatt helped us at gladfield malt make some big savings in our power
charges. They were a professional, well-organised team who worked hard on
our behalf to negotiate better power prices. In our business of producing
high-quality malt for the brewing, distilling and baking industries, there’s no
avoiding high electricity use. We have managed to make a 30% saving on our
electricity bill as a result of using Saveawatt as our electricity broker.”

Doug Michael

Managing Director Gladfield Malt

“As one of the largest non-ferrous jobbing foundries in Australasia, we’ve
always had reasonably high electricity use. Saveawatt first offered its
brokerage service to our workshop, PW engineering, and when that showed
really good savings we started investigating our options here. Over three
years we will save over $16,000 – around 14 % of our total electricity bill,
which is not to be sneezed at. I have no trouble in recommending Saveawatt
to other businesses.”

Bob Adams

General Manager Giltech Precision Castings

“As market leaders in steel fabrication, it’s no surprise that our electricity use
can be high. We signed up with saveawatt in march 2017 and are pleased to
have accepted a tender that will see the company save a massive $64,090 – or
26.4% – In electricity costs over the next three years. By saving such a large
amount in energy costs , profitability is improved and we can focus on what we
do best – building new zealand’s finest steel structures. We highly recommend
saveawatt to other businesses.”

David Moore

Managing Director Grayson Engineering

“We’re not experts on electricity pricing, so to have Saveawatt find the best
electricity deal for us in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner was
extremely refreshing. We’ve been saveawatt customers since 2011 and our
most recent tender saw the company save 6.3% In energy costs over three
years – a significant figure. We would certainly recommend Saveawatt to other
businesses – and indeed we have in the past.”

David Hinton

Financial Controller South Pacific Seeds Ltd

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