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The AA | Saveawatt NZ

The New Zealand Automobile Association are one of our major clients whose electricity costs have been driven down by thousands since 2011.

They are one of the country’s largest associations with over 1.7 million members and we are lucky enough to be taking care of their energy negotiations from 80 sites across the country.

Take cues from the AA and schedule in a free 30 minute, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert energy brokers for your company today at!

Bakery costs decrease | Saveawatt NZ

Aside from various high profile companies, we are also popular among local brands and businesses as a top choice for energy brokerage.

In our latest video, we’ll introduce you to one of our clients who is a bakery owner, managing two sites with 15 staff on board.

After utilising our services, they have saved up to 25% on their energy costs which have made it possible to use their savings on other operational needs.

Manufacturer Savings | Saveawatt NZ

Manufacturers consume large amounts of energy due to the nature of their operations.

We work with large scale companies often, which is why we match the best retailers with our manufacturing client’s consumption profile.

Saving $25,000 on energy is one big feat, and our manufacturers find good uses for this extra cash. If you’re running your own large-scale business, Saveawatt is the way to save on electricity or gas costs


Intro Video | Saveawatt NZ

Does your company spend over $1500 a month on electricity? We can help you reduce your energy costs by up to 25%!

Watch this video and find out how we can put thousands back in your pocket. Sound like we could help you? Book in a free 30-minute consultation at here

Do you know about Power Brokers | Saveawatt NZ

The term “power broker” truly has a nice ring to it, but do you know what it is we really do?

We’re instrumental in getting the best deals in electricity and gas!

Saveawatt is home to the top energy industry experts and power brokers whose speciality lies in getting the absolute best rates for Kiwi companies.

How can I get started? | Saveawatt NZ

We bet you want to cut down on energy costs, but we realize it’s been hard to know how to start.

Well, now it isn’t hard at all! We will take all the difficult steps of negotiating and saving so you can sit back, relax, and reap the benefits.

We simplify the process so much that all we need from you is to fill out a few forms and tell us your history of consumption.

Within a month, we will deliver you our in-depth analysis of your consumption and will give you the rundown on the ways you can save on energy.

The Software | Saveawatt NZ

We’re proud to be home to the industry’s best energy brokers and experts who have been trained to negotiate the best energy deals on behalf of our Kiwi businesses.

We back our assessments because we have spent many years developing a purpose-built software that gives our brokers (therefore you!) a realistic idea on how much can be saved based on the input of your relevant details.

86% renewable energy | Saveawatt NZ

We’ve all heard of the ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ taglines, but did you know that we lead the entire world in being a clean and green country?!

With a whopping 86% success rate in renewable energy, our country’s successful venture into wind, hydro, and solar energy is something other countries have yet to master.

Sharemilker savings | Saveawatt NZ

Sharemilker has its own energy consumption success story.

From a struggling business entity whose power prices used to take out a large chunk from his account, he has bounced back and saved up to $25,000 on his energy expenses.

Lodge savings | Saveawatt NZ

We help small business get large savings too!

Following a string of successful negotiations, it is natural that we have attracted both large and ‘up and coming’ businesses. Check out this video to find out how we can help you save up to $36,000 in just three years – or even get you out of bad contracts from retailers!

How we get the lowest prices? | Saveawatt NZ

Saveawatt’s Director Jeremy Caird shares the basics about our company’s services and how you can save to up to 25% off your monthly energy bills.

Clients fully trust us because of our ‘No Savings, No Fee’ guarantee … and our track record of delivering great results!

The Electricity Industry | Saveawatt NZ

Did you know that New Zealand was the very first country in the world to deregulate its energy industry?

With various competing line companies, over 40 retailers, and thousand different plans, it will be difficult for business owners to sift through all offers and spot the best deal.

That’s why Saveawatt has mastered power brokerage and is ready to assist in scoring the lowest prices for electricity or gas consumption … so you don’t have to go through the trouble of negotiating.

What’s provided | Saveawatt NZ

When you work with us, you can bet that our reporting is diligently completed with all relevant data including your 12-month consumption spend, the volume of use, time of use, geographical location, and more.

This data is inputted into our specialized software that analyzes your usage and helps us to project how much you can save.

From there, we work our way through getting the best possible rate for you!

The National Energy Tender | Saveawatt NZ

We’ve built a network of around 25 various power companies in New Zealand which allows us to get the best rates possible for our numerous clients.

We work hard to deliver the most optimal deals, great prompt payment discounts, and the most agreeable terms and conditions for our fellow Kiwi businesses.

Our no savings, no fee guarantee means that we don’t get paid if you don’t save, so you can count on us to exert great effort in securing great rates.

Japan vs NZ | Saveawatt NZ

Jeremy Caird, Director of Saveawatt shares his thoughts on Japan and compares aspects of living and energy use with New Zealand.

Both countries have advanced in many ways but Jeremy points out some striking differences after having spent long stretches of time in both countries.

What drives Jeremy? | Saveawatt NZ

Saveawatt’s Director Jeremy Caird is driven by a passion to help people save!

He is one of the many experts in our company who make it their mission to deliver significant savings to business owners in New Zealand.

For Jeremy, letting more people enjoy the benefits of power brokerage and cutting electricity costs are the main drivers that keep him going.

Helping schools | Saveawatt NZ

We don’t just support local businesses and the environment, we also give back to the community by helping local schools save on their energy costs.

Negotiating better rates for our schools mean that each one gets a chance to funnel their budgets elsewhere, such as better pay for our teachers or recreational pursuits for our students.

A storm is worth $1 billion | The Power Broker Series

Have you ever heard that a storm is worth a billion dollars?

We couldn’t believe it either!

Watch our video with energy industry executive Simon Young and learn more about how our government and other energy leaders are working to provide and maintain good energy industry practices.

Climate change | The Power Broker Series

New Zealand is a world leader in maintaining renewable energy, making it a credible voice in the discussion around climate change.

Energy industry executive Simon Young dishes out why NZ is actually an “accidentally green” country and the challenges for sustainability.

Nuclear energy | The Power Broker Series

We’ve heard a lot about renewable energy lately … but what about 🤯 nuclear energy?

Join Jeremy Caird and Simon Young in our Power Broker Series for a discussion about what might be coming in the energy sector next!

Solar energy | The Power Broker Series

See what our energy industry executives have to say about solar energy in this video!

Most energy consumers count on the national grid for energy, but we’ve seen a rise in people looking to invest in solar energy for their businesses, so we’re keeping you in the loop on the current market trends in this industry sector.

Creating energy yourself | The Power Broker Series

Thinking of self-generating your own energy?

Energy industry executive Simon Young thinks that batteries will soon displace CO2 emitting power sources, but the technology and cost for such an energy source still has a long way to go.

Greenhouse gases | The Power Broker Series

Energy industry executive Simon Young commends New Zealand’s top-notch energy sustainability rate of 86%.

While this is a remarkable feat, he lays down the issue of carbon intensity in our energy practices. See what industries Simon thinks truly emit more greenhouse gases in this video now!

Energy markets | The Power Broker Series

The future’s market is a market of expectations, shares energy industry executive Simon Young.

Energy capacity | The Power Broker Series

Rolling blackouts are no joke!

Energy industry executive Simon Young recounts a winter drought where there was high demand for energy and declining light levels which resulted in an outage.

In this video, Simon shares the importance of our generations capacity to meet energy needs.

How to get to 100% renewable energy? | The Power Broker Series

New Zealand already scores a whopping 86% in terms of the saturation of Renewable Energy, but how do we push it to 100%?

Energy industry executive Simon Young dishes on NZ’s bountiful resources and how greater demand can open up new avenues for utilizing renewable energy resources.

Insider info | The Power Broker Series

Electricity is a complex language.

You’ve got to be able to speak it, shares energy industry executive Simon Young.

In this video, he dishes out some insider info on getting the very best energy deals through brokers.

Extreme weather | The Power Broker Series

It’s starting to get a little stormy across the country as we hurtle into winter, so we thought it’d be a great time to talk about how our energy sector is affected by extreme weather conditions.

Dry seasons or low light months all affect how we generate our energy, and in our latest video, industry executive Simon Young shares what he thinks we will experience in the years to come.

Wind energy | The Power Broker Series

Why don’t we erect more windmills?

Energy industry executive Simon Young shares a simple answer: New Zealand already has wind turbines standing on the best spots for wind energy harvest, so he thinks that adding more could actually be counterproductive.

Find out why NZ can’t fully rely on wind energy in this video and hit share to inform your friends!

Electric dominance | The Power Broker Series

“Electrification is going to increase and electricity is going to become the dominant form of energy,” says energy industry executive, Simon Young.

We are nearing a future where electric vehicles could replace our traditional cars, and it is best to be informed about these trends.

How green are batteries | The Power Broker Series

How ‘green’ are batteries, really? Energy industry executive Simon Young shares that the road to reducing emissions may actually lead to problems in other areas.

Hedging and indexing | The Power Broker Series

In today’s video, energy industry executive Simon Young talks about how prices are determined through hedging and indexing against standard rates.

Did you know that the practice of hedging is done to reduce the risks of too much price movement to give the best rates for energy?

Energy deregulation | The Power Broker Series

New Zealand was the first country to deregulate electricity and did so back in the ’90s.

Watch our update to find out what energy industry executive Simon Young thinks are the country’s hits and misses on energy practices.

Dan Fulton from Fulton Swim School Reviews Saveawatt!

Have you met Dan Fulton from FultonSwimFranklin – and his many other locations?!

If you’re sitting on the fence about talking to us about your energy expenses – this is the best video that you could watch today!

His company teaches individuals from 6 months all the way to adulthood to swim and survive in the water – and we’ve helped him save $25,000 over three years which he can then reinvest back into his staff, and even on a nice holiday for himself 🙌.

Know someone that spends far too much on their electricity bills? If they’re spending $1500 or more a month – we’d love to help them reduce their expenses, so tag them below or send us a message to get in touch!

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