Power Broker Series

A storm is worth $1 billion | The Power Broker Series

Have you ever heard that a storm is worth a billion dollars?

We couldn’t believe it either!

Watch our video with energy industry executive Simon Young and learn more about how our government and other energy leaders are working to provide and maintain good energy industry practices.

How to get to 100% renewable energy? | The Power Broker Series

New Zealand already scores a whopping 86% in terms of the saturation of Renewable Energy, but how do we push it to 100%?

Energy industry executive Simon Young dishes on NZ’s bountiful resources and how greater demand can open up new avenues for utilizing renewable energy resources.

Climate change | The Power Broker Series

New Zealand is a world leader in maintaining renewable energy, making it a credible voice in the discussion around climate change.

Energy industry executive Simon Young dishes out why NZ is actually an “accidentally green” country and the challenges for sustainability.

Insider info | The Power Broker Series

Electricity is a complex language.

You’ve got to be able to speak it, shares energy industry executive Simon Young.

In this video, he dishes out some insider info on getting the very best energy deals through brokers.

Nuclear energy | The Power Broker Series

We’ve heard a lot about renewable energy lately … but what about 🤯 nuclear energy?

Join Jeremy Caird and Simon Young in our Power Broker Series for a discussion about what might be coming in the energy sector next!

Extreme weather | The Power Broker Series

It’s starting to get a little stormy across the country as we hurtle into winter, so we thought it’d be a great time to talk about how our energy sector is affected by extreme weather conditions.

Dry seasons or low light months all affect how we generate our energy, and in our latest video, industry executive Simon Young shares what he thinks we will experience in the years to come.

Solar energy | The Power Broker Series

See what our energy industry executives have to say about solar energy in this video!

Most energy consumers count on the national grid for energy, but we’ve seen a rise in people looking to invest in solar energy for their businesses, so we’re keeping you in the loop on the current market trends in this industry sector.

Wind energy | The Power Broker Series

Why don’t we erect more windmills?

Energy industry executive Simon Young shares a simple answer: New Zealand already has wind turbines standing on the best spots for wind energy harvest, so he thinks that adding more could actually be counterproductive.

Find out why NZ can’t fully rely on wind energy in this video and hit share to inform your friends!

Creating energy yourself | The Power Broker Series

Thinking of self-generating your own energy?

Energy industry executive Simon Young thinks that batteries will soon displace CO2 emitting power sources, but the technology and cost for such an energy source still has a long way to go.

Electric dominance | The Power Broker Series

“Electrification is going to increase and electricity is going to become the dominant form of energy,” says energy industry executive, Simon Young.

We are nearing a future where electric vehicles could replace our traditional cars, and it is best to be informed about these trends.

Greenhouse gases | The Power Broker Series

Energy industry executive Simon Young commends New Zealand’s top-notch energy sustainability rate of 86%.

While this is a remarkable feat, he lays down the issue of carbon intensity in our energy practices. See what industries Simon thinks truly emit more greenhouse gases in this video now!

How green are batteries | The Power Broker Series

How ‘green’ are batteries, really? Energy industry executive Simon Young shares that the road to reducing emissions may actually lead to problems in other areas.

Energy markets | The Power Broker Series

The future’s market is a market of expectations, shares energy industry executive Simon Young.

Hedging and indexing | The Power Broker Series

In today’s video, energy industry executive Simon Young talks about how prices are determined through hedging and indexing against standard rates.

Did you know that the practice of hedging is done to reduce the risks of too much price movement to give the best rates for energy?

Energy capacity | The Power Broker Series

Rolling blackouts are no joke!

Energy industry executive Simon Young recounts a winter drought where there was high demand for energy and declining light levels which resulted in an outage.

In this video, Simon shares the importance of our generations capacity to meet energy needs.

Energy deregulation | The Power Broker Series

New Zealand was the first country to deregulate electricity and did so back in the ’90s.

Watch our update to find out what energy industry executive Simon Young thinks are the country’s hits and misses on energy practices.

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