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Saveawatt Solar

  • Do you want to reduce the carbon footprint in your business?
  • Do you like the idea of solar but can’t afford the up-front cost?
  • Would you love to harness the power of the sun and generate electricity straight off your building?

Even Better Than Before

Through our solar partnerships, you can now benefit from clean, sustainable solar energy, at lower rates than we achieved at tender. Best of all there is no capital outlay required, you’re simply buying power off your roof at lower rates than your grid supply.

1. Requirements

1. Review

You authorise us to collect 12 months consumption data from your power company. We analyse your usage patterns, electricity rates, roof orientation and NIWA sunshine data

2. Offer

We provide you with a detailed solar proposal outlining the array size & capacity along with the low-price power rates directly off your roof

3. Install

We arrange supply and installation of a highly efficient custom spec solar system at no cost or risk to you

2. How it works?

Daylight Hours

During daylight hours you are supplied with cheap power straight from your roof. When the sun goes down the supply reverts to your existing power company. ​


Each month you receive one bill from your power company and another for the solar supply.​

Ongoing Savings

In the meantime, you can relax, knowing you are doing your bit for the environment, and paying the absolute lowest price for clean green solar energy.​

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