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Dan Fulton from Fulton Swim School Reviews Saveawatt!

Have you met Dan Fulton from FultonSwimFranklin – and his many other locations?!

If you’re sitting on the fence about talking to us about your energy expenses – this is the best video that you could watch today!

His company teaches individuals from 6 months all the way to adulthood to swim and survive in the water – and we’ve helped him save $25,000 over three years which he can then reinvest back into his staff, and even on a nice holiday for himself 🙌.

Know someone that spends far too much on their electricity bills? If they’re spending $1500 or more a month – we’d love to help them reduce their expenses, so tag them below or send us a message to get in touch!

Alan Lun from Mega Food

Bart Littlejohns from Sails Restaurant

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