We help your business reduce energy costs by Up to 25%

Saving money is easy………….when you use an energy broker

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save Money

You get the absolute lowest prices possible through our National Energy Tender. Our specialised bulk tender process pits 20 power companies toe to toe, they fight to earn your business- Lowest rate wins!


save Time

Don’t waste your valuable time negotiating with every different power company across New Zealand. Let us leverage the best deal for you. It only takes 5 minutes to register, and 10 minutes to evaluate our savings report.


No Saving/No fees

Our fee is 25% of savings, if we can’t save you money then there is no cost – it’s that simple! The fee can be paid monthly out of your savings so effectively our service is free- This is a real no brainer!

Smart Businesses join the national energy tender

How it works


This is a 6 stage process, lets walk you through it, shall we?


1. Qualification

You are the decision maker
Your monthly energy spend is $1,500 +
You are committed to reducing costs
If you’re on a TOU (time of use) meter your contract is expiring within 6 months


2. Registration

Complete the Customer Authority and Energy Procurement Agreement forms. Provide us with a full copy of a recent energy account (electricity & gas) all pages, both sides, including ICP number, rates etc.


3. Bulk Tender Process

Saveawatt obtains 12 months consumption data direct from your Power or Gas company. We build an energy user profile and put your volume out to market in our specialised tender process, 20 power companies fight to win your business. Our leveraged buying position and energy industry expertise means we can negotiate the lowest rates possible.


4. Tender Report Presentation

Within 1 month we present a detailed report outlining the total savings negotiated for your business. Our purpose built software allows for all variables including multi rates, prompt payment discounts, credits and varying Ts & Cs.


5. Switch to Winning Retailer

You sign a fixed energy price agreement with the winning retailer so the newly negotiated rates are guaranteed for the contract term. Optimum pricing is achieved through a 24 to 36 month arrangements

6. No Savings/No Fee

Saveawatt manages all the background work and switching requirements. Once the switch to your new supplier commences we raise an invoice for 25% of the savings. You can pay the fee out of your savings, on a monthly basis, via direct debit. Remember -if we can’t save you money there is no cost!

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