Who trusts us


How it works

1. Qualification

✔ You are the decision maker
✔ Your monthly energy spend is $1,500 +
✔ You are committed to reducing costs
✔ If you’re on a TOU (time of use) supply agreement your contract is expiring within 6 months

2. Registration

Complete the Customer Authority and Energy Procurement Agreement forms. Provide us with a full copy of a recent energy account (electricity & gas) all pages, both sides, including ICP number, rates etc

3. Bulk Tender Process

We obtain 12 months consumption data from your retailer and build your energy profile. Your consumption is put to market via our specialised Bulk tender process encompassing 25 energy companies Nationwide

4. Tender Report Presentation

After 1 month we present a detailed report outlining the total savings negotiated for your business. Our purpose built software allows for all variables including multi rates, special discounts and varying Ts & Cs

5. Switch to Winning Retailer

You sign a fixed energy price agreement with the winning retailer so the newly negotiated rates are guaranteed for the contract term. Optimum pricing is achieved through a 24 to 36 month arrangements

6. No Savings/No Fee

Saveawatt manage all the background work and switching requirements. Once the switch to your new supplier commences we raise an invoice for 25% of the savings. If we can’t save you money there is no cost!

Watch the video to see how it works

What you get

The absolute lowest energy prices possible
The biggest prompt payment discounts
The best terms and conditions.
Best of all you get a 4 X Return On Your Investment!

Plus these value add extras for FREE

Meter Profile Review

We analyse your consumption and meter profile to ensure you’re purchasing electricity in the most cost effective way possible for your business.

Billing Issues & Overcharging

We analyse your accounts to ensure you’re being billed correctly and as per the rates outlined in your supply contract.

Power Factor Correction

Where applicable we identify any power factor issues and provide a cost benefit analyses and quotes of for installation of correction equipment.

Ongoing Account Management

We flag your contract expiry dates in our CRM and monitor the market 6 months before renewal to ensure we negotiate the best prices on an ongoing basis.

Supply Contract Assessment

Our energy experts will scrutinise your new contract before signing and remove any fishhooks or dodgy clauses that could be lurking in the 15 pages of fine print.


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